Our beautiful planet is in crisis.


COP26 has been headline news and the Church has committed to being carbon neutral by 2030.  Newcastle Diocese has grasped the nettle and charged deaneries with appointing an environmental champion.  In turn, each parish is to appoint their own environmental champion.    

So how are we doing in Berwick?


We were already one step ahead.  Our curate, Tracey, started an environmental group way back before COVID.  Unfortunately, it had to be put on hold.


Now however, our parish has made progress in a number of ways.

Our environmental group has met and set aims for the next 6 months.
The PCC has approved a Parish Environmental Policy.
During COP26 – working with Churches Together and the deanery, members welcomed two groups of COP26 pilgrims, helped feed them and accompanied them as they walked through the parish.
Group members manned the Eco Church stall (see below) at the recent Doxecology Concert, given by Resound Worship to coincide with COP26.
Members of the group have taken part in two litter picks on our nearest beach.

The Eco Group are working with Northumberland County Council on the following:

  • Native trees (bird friendly) are to be planted as part of a regeneration of the churchyard.

  • Infrequent mowing of the churchyard to allow the growth of wildflowers.

  • Additional sowing of wildflower seeds and planting of bulbs is planned.

  • We will be creating bug hotels using broken branches from the trees damaged by recent storms.

  • The feasibility of (hidden) solar panels on the flat roof of the church, together with bee hives and flower planters, is being explored with local companies.

  • Water butts are to be placed on the far side of the parish centre.

  • The purchase of a cycle rack for the north side of the church is hoped will promote more cycling and less car use.

  • Owl boxes provided by NCC are to be added above the recycled bird boxes and feeders recently placed.


Plant a tree

Reverend Ray Simpson has kindly donated and planted a Rowan tree to begin our churchyard regeneration project. As it grows we hope the Rowan berries will attract a variety of birds, especially Waxwings.

A practical way of helping the environment, exercising, and enjoying fresh air 


One serious threat to wildlife is plastic in the sea.  From discarded fishing line entwining birds, fish and other marine life to tiny pieces that build up in the stomachs of marine creatures, small plastics are a serious problem.



Almost every weekend, a group meets for an hour or so to collect waste from our nearest beach. 



If you are fit and could spare an hour now and then, details are below for May.

Saturday 7th – 11.30 – Little Pier

Saturday 14th – 10.00  – Haven

Wednesday 18th – 11.00 – River

Saturday 28th – 10.00 – Little Pier

For anyone unable to join, please pray for the environment. 
A prayer from the late great Desmond TuTu

Let oceans of justice flow, May we learn to sustain and renew the life of our Mother Earth. We pray for our leaders, custodians of Mother Earth;  May they act with compassion and courage, and lead us in the path of justice for the sake of our children and our children’s children. 

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Eco Survey.

The results are as follows:


– 67% of respondents compost garden waste


– 100% donate unwanted items to charity shops


– 90% purchase locally grown produce when available 





– 67% purchase environmentally friendly products.


– 100% use energy saving light bulbs


– 60% walk, cycle or use public transport each week

We are registered with the A Rocha charity as an Eco Church. A Rocha UK (Portuguese for the rock)  is a Christian charity working for the protection and restoration of the natural world and committed to equipping Christians and churches in the UK to care for the environment. The scheme provides tools and ideas to help churches integrate our concern for environmental issues into worship and teaching, management of church buildings and land, community engagement and lifestyle.


If you’d like to know more please contact Anne Horne, our environmental champion. Anne is a retired biology teacher with qualifications in Environmental Education, who has been working to raise awareness in young people since the 1980’s.


If anyone wants to know more about our work in the parish, please contact us to get in touch with Anne.


It’s up to each of us to love and to serve God’s planet, God’s creation, God’s people, in a Christ like way.  To ensure that our children, our grandchildren and their children can enjoy the continued beauty of our Earth.

Out and About

– Rural and coastal – what could be better! 

Leave those chores, enjoy Northumberland!


– Take time in our beautiful churchyard – admire the wild periphery; count the birds enjoying the feeders; breathe in the wonderful Northumberland air; be still in this sacred space.


   May Eco Tips

Please remember the

Big Plastic Count:


Monday 2nd to Sunday 8th May

At Home:

– Much in the news: “Vampire devices!” Televisions, microwaves, washing machines, printers…….. anything on standby is costing money. British Gas research estimates an average household saving of £147 a year; the Energy Saving Trust estimates a saving of £55. Figures vary but as prices increase savings can be made by switching off appliances at the plug.



Climate Cafe

Climate Cafe

A Climate Crisis Café continues to meet each month at the Northern Soul cafe on West Street, giving people the opportunity to discuss about their thoughts and feelings with regard to the climate crisis and loss of biodiversity.

Bird Boxes

Bird Boxes

Bird nesting boxes made from recycled wood have been placed in the churchyard, along with a bird feeding station. 

We hope Sparklers will be involved in the expansion of this project.

Pupils from Longridge Towers School are currently helping us design and create a variety of animal and insect houses.

Litter picking

Litter picking

There are regular litter picks on our local beaches.  Keep an eye on ‘Friends of Little Pier Beach‘ for regular updates about organised litter picks. Please bring gardening or work gloves.


Litter Picks in May:

Saturday 7th – 11.30 – Little Pier

Saturday 14th – 10.00  – Haven

Wednesday 18th – 11.00 – River

Saturday 28th – 10.00 – Little Pier