Revd. Canon Dennis Handley, vicar of Holy Trinity and St Mary, Berwick-upon-Tweed since 2014, retired on 1 August 2023.   A video of his last service can be viewed on our YouTube channel.   We wish him and his wife Catherine every happiness as Dennis moves into retirement.

During the interregnum, responsibility for the church rests with the Churchwardens under the guidance of the Area Dean, Revd. Canon Dr. Sarah Hills, vicar of Holy Island.   

The Bishops’ office in Newcastle have set a timetable for the recruitment of a new vicar, culminating in interviews in May 2024.   (The new vicar will of course need to give notice and the formalities of appointment will also take some time.)   The PCC have nominated David Mason and Ian Guthrie as their representatives on the selection panel.

To prepare for the recruitment, the PCC will be producing a brochure outlining the characteristics of the parish, the future priorities and the key qualities sought in the new vicar.   In order to inform the production of this brochure, views of parishioners and other interested parties were sought via a questionnaire.   The PCC and churchwardens would like to thank all who submitted their views.


The PCC held an away-day on 7 October 2023 for prayer and reflection. The outcome of this, along with an analysis of the responses to the questionnaire, were presented to parishioners for their further input at meetings on 15 & 17 October.

These inputs were considered by the PCC at their meeting on 6 November and a draft of the Parish Brochure reviewed.  The aim is to finalise the brochure at the PCC meeting on 11 December.