Remember Ukraine

Remember Ukraine

Remember Ukraine


Please keep Ukraine in your thoughts and prayers

How can we help?

Locally, we have had a phenomenal  response to requests for donations. Thank you for all your support.

Financial donations may be made to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal or the Red Cross.

You may be interested to hear that the Morpeth holiday company Gardiner’s Holidays is taking coaches over to the Ukraine border to deliver more supplies to refugees. They will then use the empty coaches to transport refugees and their pets to specially set up camps of safety in Poland and other European countries. If you would like more information or to help with fuel and ferry costs go to their Go Fund Me page.

Another way that you can help is by registering with the Sanctuary Foundation or by applying to sponsor a family using the Government website.

Huge thanks to everyone who has helped co-ordinate this project, and to all of you who have been so incredibly generous and thoughtful with your donations.


We have been overwhelmed by the response from local schools, supermarkets, churches, the Council and individuals. We really appreciate all the care and effort each of our donors have made.

From the bottom of our hearts:  Thank you



The County Council have issued the following statement giving guidance for those who would like to donate for Ukraine:

“We have received a tremendous response to donations across Northumberland and we want to say a huge thank you to those who have donated. We now ask for item donations to stop so that we can help collect all that has been donated and get those items to the sorting site to be packaged and ready for their onward journey.
“Everyone can still play their part.
“Financial donations are still very much needed and will have an immediate impact on those fleeing their homes in Ukraine.”

If you would like to make a financial donation, one organisation you might consider supporting is the Disaster Emergency Committee, who work with fifteen leading aid charities to raise funds quickly and efficiently at times of crisis overseas.

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have given the following statement about the war.

They have written: “This attack is an act of evil, imperilling as it does the relative peace and security that Europe has enjoyed for so long.

“The attack by one nation on a free, democratic country has rightly provoked outrage, sanctions, and condemnation.

“We lament with the people of Ukraine, and we pray for the innocent, the frightened and those who have lost loved ones, homes and family.

“We continue to call for a ceasefire and the withdrawal of Russian forces as well as wide-ranging efforts to ensure peace, stability and security.”

The Church of England’s Bishop in Europe, Robert Innes, has also recorded a message urging people to pray  Bishop Robert speaks of the Church of England congregation of Christ Church, Kyiv, Ukraine.

“Our little church in Kyiv are right at the centre of this crisis,” he explained.

“Some of them have fled the city by car, others are still there.

“These are our people, our brothers and sisters, and of course we are very concerned for their wellbeing and safety.

“In the face of military action and aggression, we feel powerless. What can we do? One thing that we can all do is pray.”

There is a number of prayers available on the  Church of England website.

You may be interested to know that if you would like to follow the events in Ukraine more closely, the Kyiv Independent is an English speaking newspaper based in Kyiv which is covering events as they unfold.