Questionnaire to Parishioners

Questionnaire to Parishioners


Helping to Find the Next Vicar of Berwick


Section 1: Introduction

The process of finding our next parish priest begins with the preparation by the Parochial Church Council (PCC) of a brochure describing the nature of our parish, our hopes for its future and what we see as the implications of these for the qualities and experience we seek in our new incumbent.

The brochure is shared with potential applicants and informs the basis on which interviews are conducted and a final decision is made.

The PCC is anxious that all who wish to help it develop this brochure have an opportunity to input their thoughts. Hence its decision to invite all who worship at Holy Trinity and St Mary to complete this questionnaire.

As you will see, the questionnaire falls into two main parts. The first of these covers different aspects of parish life. The questions ask you to say whether or not you agree or disagree with the tentative statements made to describe the parish or are unsure about them. The second focuses on the qualities you think necessary in our new incumbent. Here you are invited to select those you regard as most important and to rank the top four you choose in order of importance. In both sections, there is space for you to add your personal reflections on the statements or to explain your choices should you wish to do so.


The closing date for you to complete the quesionnaire is Sunday, 10 September 2023.  


We ask you in the next section to give your name, so that we can verify the source of each response we receive. However, only those processing your response will know that it comes from you. Any reports compiled by the PCC which are based on responses received will be made in a summarised form: should we wish to quote any part of an individual response – for example, because it illustrates a widely held view on a particular point – this will be done in an anonymised way.

You may also, if you wish, add your email address in the next section. If you do that, we will send you in due course a summary report of all the responses to this survey.

We very much hope you will feel able to participate by responding to this questionnaire –

Yours sincerely,

The Churchwardens.

18 August 2023

The survey is now closed for input – 88 responses were received and these will now be analysed and a report prepared for the PCC to consider at its away day on 7 October.