North Northumberland Spirituality Network

North Northumberland Spirituality Network

North Northumberland Spirituality Network, Diocese of Newcastle 

Whilst government Covid restrictions remain in force and until most people feel safe meeting socially,  NNSN offers another zoom meeting to begin the year, this time with some Franciscan Spirituality from Brother Joseph Emmanuel SSF, and an illustrated presentation originally given to the Third Order of SSF which he has kindly adapted for us: 

St Francis, the Incarnation and the Crib  


“… St Francis used to recall with regular meditation the words of Christ and recollect His deeds with most attentive perception. Indeed, so thoroughly did the humility of the Incarnation and the charity of the Passion occupy his memory that he scarcely wanted to think of anything else…” (1 Celano 80.84)   


Tuesday, January 25th, 2022  

at 4.00 – 5.30 pm  


Br Joseph Emmanuel (Joe) is a Life Professed Brother of the Society of St Francis (SSF). He has lived in Friaries in Northumberland (Alnmouth), Worcestershire and London and served as Novice Guardian of SSF for four years. He is currently ‘on detached service’ and, as well as serving the Community in various roles, has a Ministry of Spiritual accompaniment, preaching, teaching, and retreat conducting. Before entering SSF he was in Parochial Ministry for ten years having been made Deacon in 2002 and Ordained Priest in 2003. His academic interests are in Theology and Spirituality (particularly the Eastern Christian Tradition) and in the histories of Byzantium, al-Andalus (Islamic Spain), Medieval Jewish history and North Korea. He loves classical music (performing and listening), learning obscure languages and reading and has just been introduced to the novels of Catherine Fox (the Lindford Chronicles).  



 This talk is specially commended to you as we continue to rejoice in the Incarnation and Revelation of Christ in creation and when, by tradition, our cribs are still on display. If you would like to join this event, please let Lyn Philips know, who will send you a personal link/invitation the day before.